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Why choose the Digital Industry major?

The world of industry is undergoing major transformations, particularly from a digital point of view. However, industry players are finding it hard to recruit people who are both aware of industrial engineering and digital challenges.

To meet this need, ECE has designed the Digital Industry major, offered in the 4th and 5th years of the Master in Engineering Program. In this innovative program, most courses are taught by professionals from well-known companies.

This program is offered entirely in English in Lyon.

What is the Digital Industry Major?

Built in partnership with various digital technology clusters in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Digital Industry major is a comprehensive, professionally-oriented course. It is divided into several large blocks:

  • Acculturation to the world of industry
  • Advanced software development
  • IoT, bIg Data and AI
  • Industry 4.0 and 5.0 technologies
  • Industrial information systems

In this major, you’ll learn how to use AI solutions, design digital tools for smart factories, and understand and interpret data analytics.

The following subjects are taught in the major:

  • Applied data science with Python
  • Computer vision
  • IoT communication networks & platforms
  • Computer-aided designs and manufacturing
  • Digital twins
  • Immersive technologies

What diploma do I get after completing the Digital Industry major?

At the end of the Master in Engineering Program, you’ll graduate with an engineering degree at a 2nd year postgraduate level, recognized by the RNCP.
ECE is a private engineering school accredited by the Commission des titres d’ingénieurs (Cti). This enables us to provide engineering training that meets the highest standards.

What are the career opprotunities for the Digital Industry major?

The Digital Industry major in ECE’s engineering curriculum prepares you for the following professions:

  • Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0 Project Manager
  • Digital transformation project manager
  • Industrial IT engineer
  • Data Architects – Industry 4.0
  • Business Analyst Industry 4.0
  • Software developer for Industry 4.0

What are the admission requirements for the Digital Industry major?

To access the major the Digital Industry major, you must have completed the first three years of the ECE Master in Engineering Program. You can also join this major after completing a 3rd year undergraduate level in science or technology. Finally, you can enter the 5th year if you have already completed the first year of a Master’s program.

Is it possible to study abroad while choosing the Digital Industry major?

You can go abroad if you choose the Digital Industry major. In particular, you can take part in internships abroad or study at one of our international partner universities in 5th year. Some schools allow you to obtain a double degree.

Apply to the Digital Industry major at ECE


International Application

The Digital Industry major in ECE’s engineering curriculum is open to international students. If you’d like to join us or find out more about the training we offer, you can apply here or download the brochure.


French application

For French students, applications for the Digital Industry major in ECE’s Engineering curriculum can be made on the school’s website.

Program features

program type

This program prepares you for a Master in Engineering program.

admission level

To apply, you need to have 3rd year undergraduate diploma.

back to school

The Intake starts in autumn, in September.


This course is given in English.


This course can be taken at the Lyon campus.

Tuition fees*

The annual fee for this course is €10,250.

*International Student Pack: €490 mandatory fee for exclusive support services for international students.

Updated 1 February 2024