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Germany is one of the most popular study destinations for both foreign and European students. The main reasons for this are the quality of the country’s education system and the many job opportunities it offers.

For many applicants, coming to study in Germany is an opportunity to build a better future. But before you pack your bags, there are a few things you need to know. Omnes Education tells you more about studying in Germany.

Why study in Germany?

By coming to study in Germany, students will first and foremost be able to take advantage of a wide range of educational opportunities. It’s fairly easy to find a program that suits your abilities and budget. All the more so as these courses are renowned for their quality.

In addition to academic experience, the country also offers a wide range of professional opportunities. Germany is home to a large number of companies and multinationals that are regularly on the lookout for young people and new talent.

Which studies to do in Germany?

According to the latest statistics, the country boasts over 400 higher education establishments. This large number of students means that therange of higher education courses on offer in Germany is extremely varied.

By choosing to come to this country, students can study in :

  • management ;
  • IT ;
  • sciences;
  • communication ;
  • arts ;
  • languages.

As far as the course of study is concerned, the system applied in Germany is quite similar to the LMD system. However, diploma titles can be different.

Where to stay in Germany during your studies?

Germany has many student cities. The best-known are the capital Berlin and the city of Munich. In these cities, a number of facilities are available to help students find accommodation. These are mainly campuses and student residences.

The advantage of living in a student residence is that the rent is generally lower than elsewhere. The average cost of a place in one of these residences is around 200 euros.

Students can also opt to rent or share. With these alternatives, rents are around 300 euros.

How can I enroll in a German university as a foreign student?

Most universities in Germany are open to foreign students. The latter can therefore register with these establishments to take advantage of their training offers.

However, registration may be different for European and foreign students . Generally speaking, foreign students have to go through a specific procedure, and sometimes two parallel procedures.

In addition, the schools can ask these foreign applicants for equivalence of their diplomas. Schools may also require applicant documents to be translated into German.

Visa and specific criteria for studying in Germany

Je suis étudiant étranger, est-ce qu’il me faut un visa pour étudier en Allemagne ?

Germany is a member of the European Union. To enter and travel around the country, anyone from a non-European country is required to have a visa. And this also applies to foreign students.

A student visa is also required to study in the country for more than 90 days.

Est-ce qu’il y a des critères spécifiques pour étudier en Allemagne ?

To enter a university in Germany, you must first meet the admission requirements set by the institutions.

As far as specific criteria are concerned, these mainly concern the level of German language proficiency. This is the country’s official language, and most courses are taught in German.

Does Omnes Education offer programs in its schools in Germany?

In Germany, the Omnes Education Group is represented by EU Business School. The school is located on the Munich Campus in the city of Munich.

This international business school stands out for the quality and level of its courses. In fact, the school ‘srange of courses encompasses more than thirty programs , including :

  • Business administration;
  • communication and public relations;
  • sports management ;
  • cloud computing.

The various courses offered by the school can be followed through four programs:

  • Bachelors & Ba ;
  • Executive BBA;
  • the Master ;
  • MBA.

The school also offers a program called “foundation”, which is a kind of preparatory class.

How do I apply to an Omnes Education Group school to study in Germany?

Registration for the EU BUSINESS SCHOOL is the same as for all Omnes Education schools.


Before applying to one of Omnes Education’s schools, it’s important to find out about the various admission requirements. As for the application process, it’s virtually the same for all schools. However, the procedure differs depending on the applicant’s country of origin and nationality.
To apply to the EU Business School in Germany, European candidates can apply directly on the school‘s website.


For foreign students, however, applications must be made through an international admissions procedure.

Updated 20 January 2024