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Are you planning to study in Beaune, France ?

The OMNES Education group has a campus in this city.

In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to carry out your study project.

Studies in Beaune

Why study in Beaune?

Beaune has a number of schools where students can follow high-quality training courses . As a student town, Beaune has all the infrastructure needed to welcome and accommodate students.

In addition to the educational aspect, the city also offers a wide range of activities to keep students entertained in their free time. In Beaune, students can visit world-famous architectural sites, discover local gastronomy and enjoy festivals.

What studies to do in Beaune?

Thanks to the large number of universities in Beaune, students can take advantage of a wide range of training opportunities. Among the most sought-after fields are management, marketing, communication, manual trades and the arts.

Beaune is also the capital of Burgundy wines. As a result, the city’s universities offer courses focusing on the wine industry.

In terms of diplomas, depending on the course, stream and institution chosen, students can obtain a Bachelor’ s degree, a Master’s degree, an MBA or a PhD.


For a long time, Beaune was best known for its tourist attractions, cultural events and numerous wine cellars. In recent years, however, the city has also become a popular destination for foreign students. Today, the city boasts a large number of universities and campuses capable of welcoming students from all horizons.


Where to stay in Beaune during your studies?

Beaune offers a wide range of accommodation options for students.

If you’re looking for low-cost accommodations that remain close to the schools, the best option is to stay on campus. The town hosts several, such as the OMNES Education Beaune Bourgogne campus.

Students looking for more privacy can rent a studio in the city or nearby. But if you choose this option, you can expect much higher prices and a smaller offer.

Students can also stay with local people or find a host family if they are willing to. By doing so, they’ll be able to enjoy room and board at student rates.

Foreign students

Do I need a visa to study in Beaune?

All foreign students wishing to study in France need a student visa to enter the country. You apply for a visa once you have registered with the school of your choice.

In France, the student visa serves as both a residence permit and a work permit. It is valid for one year and must be renewed every year for the duration of your studies in France.

How do I enroll in a top school in Beaune?

The courses offered by universities are only accessible to those who meet the admission requirements. To find out whether or not a candidate is eligible, he or she needs to consult these admission conditions or prerequisites. This information is generally available on the school’s website.

After checking their eligibility, candidates can proceed to the registration process. Foreign students can register online, via the school’s website or a dedicated platform.

However, the registration process can also include sending physical files by post.

Admission criteria

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What are the specific criteria for studying in Beaune?

To study in Beaune, all you need to do is meet the school‘s admission requirements. These vary not only according to the schools themselves, but also according to the course of study and the diploma in question. It’s important to check with the establishment.

The criteria for joining OMNES Education are set out in the general conditions of enrolment. These conditions apply to all schools in the group.

Our schools

Does Omnes Education offer programs in its schools in Beaune?

As a reminder, OMNES Education is made up of 13 different schools, some of which are present in France. In Beaune, the group is represented by INSEEC.

The school specializes in management and offers programs from Bachelor’s to MSc. However, on its Beaune campus, the school only offers the Bachelor’s degree in luxury goods, wines and spirits.

how to apply

How do I apply to an Omnes Education Group school to study in Beaune?

The procedure to follow depends mainly on the nationality and place of residence of the applicant. For candidates from the European Union, registration is done online on the school’s website.

Foreign students living outside the European Union must go through the international admission procedure.

Updated 29 January 2024