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One of the most important tasks for international students coming to France is to find suitable accommodation. Cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Rennes offer a dynamic and exciting environment for students. However, the search for a home can be daunting. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to finding accommodation in these cities. From researching options to securing a home, we’ll explore essential tips and strategies to help international students successfully navigate the real estate market.

Start early and do your research

Finding accommodation in popular cities requires proactive planning. Start your search early to have a wider choice of options. Use online platforms, student forums and the services of the OMNES Education Welcome Desk (numerous accommodation partners) to research available options. Familiarize yourself with the different neighborhoods, their proximity to universities and the amenities they offer. Also, consider the type of accommodation that suits your preferences, such as student residences, shared apartments or private rentals.

Draw up a budget

Determine your housing budget, taking into account factors such as rent, utilities and other expenses. Take into account the cost of living in each city and compare it with your available funds. Explore financial aid and scholarship options to help cover housing costs. Be aware of additional costs such as security deposits and agency fees. A realistic financial plan is essential to guarantee a comfortable housing situation.

Use online accommodation platforms

Take advantage of reputable online platforms specializing in student accommodation, such as Studapart, ImmoJeune or La Carte des Colocs. These platforms offer a wide range of accommodation options specially adapted to students. Filter your search by location, price range and amenities. Read reviews and compare ads to make an informed decision. Contact owners or agencies as soon as possible to check availability and schedule visits.

Networking and local connections

Tap into your network of other students, local and international, who may have valuable information or know someone looking for roommates. Join online communities and social media groups dedicated to student housing in the city of your choice. Attend orientation programs and school events to meet other students looking for accommodation. Making connections can lead to colocation opportunities or referrals from reliable sources.

Be prepared for visits and contracts

When scheduling visits, be punctual and prepare the necessary documents, such as identification and financial statements. Take note of the condition of the property and find out about any additional costs. Once you’ve found a suitable home, carefully examine the rental contract, making sure you understand the terms and conditions. Ask for clarification or legal advice if necessary before signing the agreement.

Finding accommodation in cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon or Rennes can be a difficult task for foreign students. Don’t forget to consider your budget, prioritize your preferences and make informed decisions. With proper planning and perseverance, it’s possible to find a comfortable place to call home in France. Good luck in your search for accommodation and enjoy your exciting experience!

Updated 21 January 2024