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The NEMO Portal is a private professional platform designed to enable its members (students, recruiters such as companies, institutions and associations) to facilitate contact for recruitment purposes, share opportunities, promote training, professional integration, employment and careers.

The NEMO Portal will be accessible from different URLs depending on the status of the User concerned:

The NEMO Portal and its Services are published by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT, whose contact details are given in article 2 below.

The present General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “GCU ) are concluded between ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and Users wishing to access the NEMO Portal and, more generally, the Services.

The GCU can be accessed online at any time on the NEMO Portal from the URL addresses mentioned above according to the User profile. The GCU are validated electronically by the User at the time of activation of his Account or, as the case may be, at the time of his first connection to the NEMO Portal and each time the GCU are modified.

In any event, the User declares that he/she has read and accepted these GTUs, and that his/her registration/subscription to the Services and/or access to the NEMO Portal and/or the Services (activation of an Account, request for an Account, reservation of a coaching session, etc.) implies his/her acceptance and express adherence, without reservation, to these GTUs and, where applicable, to the existing contractual documents supplementing or amending these GTUs (Special Terms and Conditions), Privacy policy…) which together form the present contract.

These GTC shall prevail over any other general or special conditions not expressly approved by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT.

ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT reserves the right to modify the GCU at any time by notifying Users of any new version via their Accounts, who undertake to take cognizance of these modifications. In this respect and in any event, the User acknowledges and accepts that his use of and access to the NEMO Portal and the Services after the date of the modifications shall imply his acceptance of the GCU and contractual documents as modified.


The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions of access and use of the NEMO Portal and its Services by Users according to their profiles.


Capitalized terms used in the T&C (starting with the preamble) have the following meaning (unless expressly stated otherwise):

  • Administrators are natural persons, whether or not they are employees of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT, who are authorized to use the NEMO Portal for professional or management purposes. They have access to an Account that enables them to configure or carry out actions on Users’ Accounts;
  • Account means a valid account giving access to the NEMO Portal Services. Each User has a personal Account, based on his or her profile;
  • Contents means any content that Users may download and to which other Users may have access from the NEMO Portal, including but not limited to recruitment and coaching offers, resumes, cover letters, learning booklets, profile sheets with Personal Data that each User has configured from their Account;
  • Personal Data means any personal data relating to a natural person enabling that person to be identified directly or indirectly within the meaning of Article 4 of the RGPD ;
  • ORGANIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT designates the simplified joint stock company (SAS) called ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT with a capital of 9,041,900 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 445 260 169, having its registered office at 43, quai de Grenelle – Tour Grenelle – 75015 PARIS, France;
  • Privacy Policy means the Privacy Policy of the OMNES EDUCATION Group, available at, governing the processing of Personal Data by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally by the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group;
  • NEMO Portal means the common web portal of the OMNES EDUCATION Group published by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and accessible at the addresses indicated in the preamble hereto and giving access to the Services;
  • Network means the network of students and companies accessible to people with an Account after authentication on the NEMO Portal;
  • RGPD means Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC ;
  • Services refers to all functionalities accessible to Users according to their profile via the NEMO Portal;
  • Users refers to natural persons who can access the Services via an Account (students, duly authorized representatives acting in the name and on behalf of recruiters such as companies, institutions and associations) and Administrators. For each type of User, access to the Services may be restricted according to the choices made by the Administrators.


Through the NEMO Portal, ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT offers its Users the following services:

  • A recruitment service (internal jobboard) for internships, permanent or fixed-term contracts, work-study programs, VIE and civic services;
  • A CV database with multi-criteria search ;
  • A customizable profile page allowing you to include your social network addresses;
  • A service for managing and monitoring work-study recruitment (declaration of recruitment, pre-contractualization, monitoring of the work-study student’s logbook);
  • An in-house help request or mediation service for issues related to professional experience;
  • A FAQ with the most frequently asked questions;
  •  ;
  • A coaching registration service dedicated exclusively to student users.

The aim of all these Services is to bring Network members closer together, with a view to facilitating networking, professional integration and career development.


4.1 General provisions

The NEMO Portal is not freely accessible. Access is reserved to Users who have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and who have an Account with a login and password.

The User of the NEMO Portal acknowledges that he/she has the necessary skills and means to access this Portal and has checked that the computer configuration used contains no viruses and is in perfect working order. The User is responsible for any equipment required to access the NEMO Portal.

Similarly, ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and, more generally, the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group shall not be liable for any connection costs or, more generally, any communication costs incurred by the User’s access to and use of the NEMO Portal and the Services.

Access methods differ according to User profile:

  • Student User: in order to benefit from access to the NEMO Portal, the Student User must be registered at one of the OMNES EDUCATION Group establishments and have an active e-mail address or an active telephone number. Student user accounts are automatically created as soon as they register with one of the group’s establishments. Student Users receive an email inviting them to log in to their personal space using their email address to activate their Account. The Account must have been created beforehand by an Administrator using the student information available as a result of his/her schooling (such as first and last name, e-mail address). The User must accept the GCU and the Privacy Policy on first connection.
  • Recruiter User: Recruiter Users may register directly on the NEMO Portal to post recruitment offers, after completing the mandatory fields of the registration form (company name, SIRET number and, if applicable, for entities located outside France, country and telephone number) and accepting the GTC and Privacy Policy. Depending on the situation, their profile may also be created by an Administrator. When logging in for the first time, the recruiting User must define a password. His or her Account may be deactivated and then deleted if it remains inactive for more than two (2) years by an Administrator.

In any case, whatever the profile, the User undertakes not to use a pseudonym or e-mail address that could infringe the rights of the ONMES EDUCATION Group or its entities, nor the rights of third parties (family name, trademark, etc.), nor to usurp a name, company name or registered trademark. If necessary, ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently block the User’s account.

4.2 Directors

Administrators declare that they are authorized to use the Services and have accepted the TOS.

The Administrator receives requests for the creation of an Account from recruiting Users and, after validation, proceeds with the creation of the Account. The Administrator configures User Accounts via individual imports or additions. The Administrator sends access to each User. It sets and validates User access requests. The Administrator can block access to a User if necessary.

In addition, the Directors are responsible for :

  • as the case may be, validate Users’ Curricula Vitae and recruitment offers;
  • manage recruitment opportunities (work-study programs and internships) ;
  • manage the relationship with recruiting User entities;
  • create and manage Coaching ;
  • assign tasks and events ;
  • monitor the completion of the work-study student’s logbook ;
  • respond to requests for mediation.

4.3 User accounts

The recruiting User may modify and update his e-mail and password and any other information entered at any time from the management of his Account, if necessary with the intervention of an Administrator. The Student User logs in via SSO using his/her email address and the password linked to his/her email address.

Each User can access the various functionalities of the NEMO Portal from his User menu, according to his User profile.

4.4 Password

The password associated with each Account is strictly personal and confidential and must not be shared with third parties. Users are responsible for the loss or theft of their password. Recruiting Users are advised to change their passwords regularly and to choose complex passwords of at least 8 characters including letters, numbers and specific characters. Recruiting Users are free to change their password at any time from their Account management.


ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group are the owners of all intellectual property rights relating to the elements accessible on the NEMO Portal and through the Services (with the exception of the Content), in particular the texts, images, data, logos, trademarks, photographs, sounds, videos, designations, tabs, functionalities and any other material or software, which are protected by the rights held by the OMNES EDUCATION Group or its third party partners.

ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and, where applicable, the Group entity concerned, grants the User a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access and use the NEMO Portal and Services, subject to acceptance of and compliance with the GTU. All other rights are expressly excluded without the prior written consent of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and, where applicable, the Group entity concerned.

Any partial or total reproduction, in particular for advertising or commercial purposes, as well as any adaptation, modification, use, transmission, copy, redistribution and/or exploitation, on any medium and by any means whatsoever, of all or part of the aforementioned elements of the NEMO Portal and Services, is strictly forbidden, except with the express prior written authorization of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and, where applicable, of the entity of the aforementioned Group concerned.

Furthermore, the User is not authorized to modify, improve, edit, translate, decompile, disassemble or create one or more derivative works from the elements of the NEMO Portal and/or the Services, unless this possibility has been expressly granted by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT or by the owners of the elements of the NEMO Portal and the Services, within the framework of a separate agreement.

Any infringing use of the NEMO Portal and/or the Services and/or any of the elements of the NEMO Portal and/or the Services will be subject to legal action aimed at preserving the rights of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT or, more generally, the OMNES EDUCATION Group.

The NEMO Portal is also protected by the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code concerning the protection of databases. Any person who creates a file or database using the information available on the NEMO Portal, and who makes it available to a third party, whether in return for payment or free of charge, without the consent of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and in violation of the GTCU, will be subject to the civil and/or criminal penalties provided for in the French Intellectual Property Code.

Within the framework of the present agreement and for the sole purpose of operating the NEMO Portal and providing the Services, the User authorizes ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group, on a non-exclusive basis and for the entire world, to reproduce, represent, distribute (including off-line without permanent downloading), exploit and technically modify and compress its Content.


6.1 User content

The User warrants that the information and documents of any kind (including the Content) disclosed on the NEMO Portal are free of rights. The User guarantees that the information and documents he/she places on the NEMO Portal comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force, do not constitute (i) infringement of the intellectual property rights of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group, or of third parties, (ii) infringement of personal rights (notably defamation, insults, insults, etc.), the right to the image of goods and/or persons and respect for privacy, (iii) an affront to public order and morality (in particular apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred or violence, child pornography, etc.).

The User expressly agrees, free of charge, that all Content provided by him/her may be reproduced and/or represented, if necessary in an adapted format, in communication media intended for the promotion of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and the OMNES EDUCATION Group entities concerned for the entire legal term of protection of said Content.

The Content posted by Users is under their responsibility and they undertake to assume all related responsibilities and consequences. In particular, the User who is the author of the Content guarantees ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group against all actions brought by third parties which have as their cause, basis or origin the nature or content of their Content. It therefore undertakes to bear the cost of any related judgments and defense costs, or of any transactional indemnity that may be due in the context of the dispute. ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group disclaim all responsibility for the content of the Content posted by Users.

The User is responsible for the Account assigned to him/her from the date of activation. It is his duty to keep his Account secret and not to disclose it to any other person. The User is solely responsible for the use made of his Account, as well as for Content published via his Account.

For the respect and good of all, the following are prohibited: Content that is abusive, offensive, obscene or defamatory, Content that infringes the rights of others, violent statements or statements that incite racism, pornography, pedophilia or crimes and misdemeanors, misuse of the site for propaganda, commercial or political purposes.

Users may report any disturbing Content to the Administrator via the ” Contact Us ” section accessible in each User’s personal space. The Administrator may delete without notice or delay any Content that does not comply with the above conditions, as well as suspend or permanently block access to the Account if it deems it necessary and appropriate to put an end to the violation of the above provisions.

ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT reserves the right, without justification, to refuse access to the NEMO Portal to any User who does not comply with the GCU or applicable law. In the event that the User concerned considers that an error has been made, he or she may contact ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT via the ” Contact us ” section accessible from his or her personal space.

6.2 Submitting recruitment offers

All recruiting Users of the NEMO Portal who may submit a recruitment offer undertake to comply with the legal provisions on discrimination and, in particular, not to use criteria relating to origin, sex, morals, sexual orientation or identity, age, marital status or pregnancy, genetic characteristics, membership or non-membership, real or assumed, of an ethnic group, nation or race, political opinions, trade union or mutualist activities, religious beliefs, physical appearance, etc. (Articles L 1132-1, L 1142-1, L 5531-2 of the French Employment Code).(Articles L 1132-1, L 1142-1, L 5531-2 of the French Labor Code).

Recruiting Users can choose to offer their recruitment opportunities to profiles that have been recognized as disabled workers (RQTH).

Depending on their needs and the particularities of the sector, recruiting Users may also choose to limit their recruitment offers to certain OMNES EDUCATION Group establishments, which will have exclusive access to these offers for a period of two (2) weeks.


7.1 General provisions and legal basis for processing Personal Data

When accessing the NEMO Portal and the Services, Users’ Personal Data is collected and processed for the purposes of executing the Services and these GCU.

Pursuant to the provisions of the RGPD, ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT is responsible for processing the personal data referred to in these GCU.

Naturally, the present provisions are not applicable to other processing of Personal Data implemented by the Recruiting Users in the context of exchanges that may take place with Student Users outside the Services, for which the Recruiting Users assume all responsibility.

These provisions amend and/or supplement the provisions of the Privacy Policy that also apply to the NEMO Portal.

7.2 Personal Data of Student Users

In order to open an Account for a student User for the purpose of accessing the Services, Personal Data initially collected by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPMENT or by the relevant entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group as part of the User’s educational curriculum are processed. This includes, at the very least, the first name, surname, e-mail address or telephone number of the Student User.

As part of the creation of their Curriculum Vitae, the information form made available from their Account on the NEMO Portal or the form allowing them to apply for job offers, the Student User may choose to enter other Personal Data themselves in order to present their expertise and projects to other Users with a view to interacting and creating opportunities for exchanges, matchmaking, and generating statistics on professional mobility, such as, in particular :

  • Photo included, if applicable, in the Curriculum Vitae published by the Student User;
  • Eventual video (if a video Curriculum is added by the User in his application) ;
  • Presentation (through a free field) ;
  • Personal details (telephone, mobile, personal e-mail(s), main and secondary addresses), date of birth, married name, marital status;
  • Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog and Book account details;
  • Current job and professional details (position, typical function, company, typical sector, job) ;
  • Previous job(s) ;
  • Current situation and career aspirations ;
  • Skills acquired and languages spoken ;
  • Additional training ;
  • Community activities and interests ;
  • Recognition as a disabled worker (RQTH).

The identity of Student Users and, more generally, Personal Data are only visible to Recruiting Users and NEMO Portal Administrators if the Student User has submitted a Curriculum Vitae to the said NEMO Portal.

Curricula vitae published by Student Users are only accessible to Recruiting Users and, where applicable, Administrators.

The Student User may remove his Curriculum Vitae from his Account at any time.

7.3 Recruiting Users’ Personal Data

From their Account, and in addition to the information required to open said Account as mentioned above, recruiting Users may enter the following Personal Data in a “contact form”:

  • Name ;
  • First name ;
  • Position;
  • Email and postal addresses ;
  • Home phone ;
  • Cell phone.

The information collected from recruiting Users via their profile and form can only be consulted by other Network Users (students and/or Administrators), with the exception of any third party not registered on the NEMO Portal.

7.4 Accuracy and updating of Personal Data

Users warrant that the Personal Data they provide is true and accurate and will ensure that it is updated where necessary.

Certain Personal Data may be updated directly by recruiting Users from their Accounts to ensure that they remain complete and accurate.

If necessary and in any event, Users may contact an Administrator to modify their Personal Data.

7.5 Other provisions

As part of the recruitment declaration services offered by the NEMO Portal, the User may be asked to provide information on third parties (surnames, first names, telephone number, email). In this eventuality, the User acknowledges having informed these persons in advance of the transmission of their contact details to ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and having ensured that they have given their consent for this purpose.

For more information on the other methods used by ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally by the OMNES EDUCATION Group to collect and process Personal Data (exercise of rights, retention periods, recipients, cookie management policy, purposes, etc.), please refer to the following website Privacy policy of the OMNES EDUCATION Group, which completes the present provisions.


The User acknowledges that he/she is aware of the risks associated with the use of the Internet and networks, and in particular of the fact that information relating to his/her personal data may be copied or intercepted. The User accepts these risks, for which ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT can in no way be held responsible.

For its part, ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT deploys all its technical and human resources to ensure a level of security that complies with current best practice in this field, and to prevent malicious attacks. Some of the safeguards used to protect your information are firewalls and encrypted data transmission using SSL/HTTPS technology.


ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT undertakes to take particular care regarding the accuracy of the information communicated on the NEMO Portal and to keep it regularly updated with the help of Users, who may themselves, or with the help of an Administrator, update the information entered in their Account. However, errors and omissions may be noted.

In this case, we would be grateful if you could inform us of the problem via the ” Contact us ” section of each User’s personal space, so that we can take the necessary corrective action. The NEMO Portal Administrator undertakes not to modify the Content in such a way as to change its meaning. However, it reserves the right to move Content if it finds a flagrant error in thematic classification.

The Administrator also has the right to delete, without notice or delay, the information provided by Users if it is found to contravene the provisions of article 6.1 of these GCU and, more generally, the provisions hereof.

Consequently, the information provided is for general guidance only and has no contractual value. ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group, cannot be held responsible for the use and interpretation of the information contained in the NEMO Portal.

ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the NEMO Portal, particularly in the event of maintenance or repair work, or disruption to Internet connections. It shall not be held liable for technical failures and related loss of data, or for any other direct or indirect damage arising out of or in connection with the use of and access to the NEMO Portal and its Services or any downloads made by the User therefrom.

The User is solely responsible for the consequences of any damage suffered as a result of the use by a third party of his/her password, e-mail address or confidential code, and for the communication of any information that the User has made accessible.

In this context, the User guarantees ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group against any action, recourse or claim in connection with all of the aforementioned elements and, in particular but without limitation, those which would call into question the use of the Services offered on the NEMO Portal.

In general, ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group may not be held liable for direct, personal and certain damage suffered by the User and for which it has been demonstrated that the actions of ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group are not the cause of this damage.

ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT and more generally the entities of the OMNES EDUCATION Group may not be held liable in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party.


The NEMO Portal may contain hypertext links to other websites. The User is informed that by clicking on these links, he/she will leave the NEMO Portal and be redirected to another website. The OMNES EDUCATION Group, its schools and other entities have no control over the web pages to which these links lead and cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for their content.


These GCU are governed by French law. Any dispute arising from the validity, interpretation and/or execution, termination, breach, of these GCU and after failure of any conciliation, will be submitted to the competent Court.


To view the pages and Contents of the NEMO Portal optimally, we recommend that you use the following web browsers: Chrome or FireFox in their recent version with a minimum screen resolution of 1280×768 pixels.


If you have any questions about these GTUs, you can contact ORGANISATION ET DEVELOPPEMENT via the “Contact us” section of each User’s personal space.

Updated 23 January 2024