2nd year International Business

Portrait of successful group of business people at modern office looking at camera. Portrait of happy businessmen and satisfied businesswomen standing as a team. Multiethnic group of people smiling and looking at camera.
1 Semester of Year 2 Undergraduate Studies (30 ECTS)
2nd year undergraduate
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why choose the 2nd year in international business?

Program objectives :

This program offers students

– Enhanced employability skills – students cultivate a wide range of relevant skills, including teamwork, communication, critical analysis, intellectual curiosity or project management.
– Perspective and experience – students connect learning with global developments and London and UK perspectives.
– The focus is on ethics and sustainable development – students examine the wider responsibilities of business to society and the environment, particularly through the UN Sustainable Development Goals certificate.

– A broad and distinctive curriculum – students engage in experiential, experimental and collaborative learning through a variety of modules preparing them for an organizational environment, including an intensive week of challenges on future direction and business innovation.
– Valuable study abroad experience – students develop their autonomy by living independently in a foreign country.

What is the 2nd year International Business program?

This program offers students

This semester, second-year undergraduates will focus on international business, mainly on developing students’ abilities to work in and run multinational companies or international start-ups.

It will provide a foundation in the principles of management and enterprise from a London and British perspective. It will also address contemporary issues of internationalization and globalization.

Portrait of a group of successful businessmen in a modern office, looking at the camera. Portrait of happy businessmen and satisfied businesswomen forming a team. Multi-ethnic group of people smiling and looking at the camera.

What is the diploma awarded by the 2nd year International Business program?

OMNES Education London Certificate

For internal students enrolled in an OMNES educational institution, please contact your international relations office.
For external students, please contact here.

admission requirements for 2nd year International Business career opportunities

English level: B1 :

It’s important to have a B1 level of English to study in England, as this will enable you to communicate easily with other students and teachers, understand the lessons given in English, succeed in your academic work and integrate socially. With a good level of English, you’ll be more at ease in everyday life in England, whether you’re shopping, using public transport or dealing with administrative formalities. In short, a B1 level in English will make it easier for you to succeed at school and adapt to your new environment.

Updated 22 January 2024