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Why choose the Bachelor program in Communication of SUP DE PUB?

Sup de Pub’s Bachelor’s degree in Communication is aimed at students who want to discover the different professions in communication, marketing, advertising and digital after their baccalauréat. It’s a cross-disciplinary training program combining theory and real-life professional situations.

Throughout your studies, you’ll develop important strategic, creative and digital skills thanks to the courses you’ll take and the many projects and group work you’ll do. You’ll also have the opportunity to progressively specialize during your Bachelor’s degree, and develop real expertise in a particular branch of communications, such as art direction, advertising creation, copywriting, digital design or audiovisual production.

What is the Bachelor Communication program?

The Bachelor’s degree in communication is a generalist course. During your three years of study, you’ll discover all the facets of communications and marketing.

You will take the following courses in particular:

  • communication strategy ;
  • marketing fundamentals ;
  • image and visual culture ;
  • culture and media strategy ;
  • design and copywriting ;
  • graphic tools and DTP ;
  • photography and video ;
  • communication culture and storytelling ;
  • media history ;
  • digital design ;
  • UX and design ;
  • DTP ;
  • digital strategy ;
  • social networks ;
  • brand content.

In 3rd year of the Bachelor program, you can choose a specialization from among the seven offered by Sup de Pub. Some of these courses can be taken as part of a sandwich course, enabling you to work in a company while you study.

What is the degree awarded by the Bachelor Communication?

Sup de Pub’s Bachelor’s degree in Communication leads to an RNCP level 6 diploma, equivalent to a 3rd year undergraduate level. What’s more, each completed year of the Bachelor’s program entitles you to 60 ECTS credits, enabling you to pursue your studies elsewhere in France or abroad.

What are the career opportunities for a Bachelor’s degree in Communication?

Thanks to Sup de Pub’s Bachelor’s degree in Communication, you can look forward to a wide range of careers in the dynamic and buoyant sectors of communication, advertising, marketing and digital. Whether you’re looking for a strategic or creative position, you’re sure to find your calling as a communicator!

After your Bachelor’s degree, you could become a :

  • communications manager ;
  • corporate communications manager ;
  • graphic designer ;
  • press officer ;
  • event project manager ;
  • digital project manager ;
  • community manager ;
  • brand manager ;
  • social media manager ;
  • SEO web copywriter ;
  • artistic director ;
  • copywriter.

After your Bachelor’s degree, you can choose to go straight to work, or continue your studies with an MSc and further specialize in the field of your choice.

What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in Communication?

To apply for Sup de Pub’s Bachelor of Communication program, you need to have obtained your baccalauréat or an equivalent foreign diploma. You must also pass the school’s entrance exam, which consists of written and oral tests. Sessions are held regularly in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon and Rennes.

For admission to the second year of the Bachelor’s program, you need to have passed the entrance exam. Finally, for admission to the third year, you need to have a 2nd year undergraduate level in communications, marketing, graphic arts or advertising, and pass the school’s competitive entrance exam.

Is it possible to study abroad during the Bachelor’s degree in Communication?

Yes, it is possible to study abroad during the Bachelor Communication program at Sup de Pub. In fact, in the third year, students can spend the second semester in a Sup de Pub partner school, and enjoy an exciting international experience in Europe and the rest of the world.

You can also take part in internships abroad.

Apply to the Sup de Pub communication program


International application

Are you an international student interested in joining us or finding out more about Sup de Pub’s Bachelor of Communication program?


French application

For students living in France and holding French nationality, applications for the Bachelor Communication de Sup de Pub are made directly on the school’s website.

Program features

program type

This program prepares you for a Bachelor’s degree.

admission level

The required level to apply is High School Diploma.

back to school

The Intake starts in autumn, in September.


This course is given in French and/or English.


This course can be taken at the Lyon or Paris campus.

Tuition fees*

The annual fee for this course is

Lyon campus: €7,650
Paris campus: €7,750

*International Student Pack: €490 mandatory fee for exclusive support services for international students.

Updated 20 January 2024