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Why choose ESCE’s DBA?

Are you a working professional looking to advance your career? Does the world of academic research appeal to you? Embark on an exciting adventure with ESCE’s Doctorate of Business Administration Management International Big Data and Robots.

The world’s highest degree, the doctorate gives you the opportunity to reflect on the business subject of your choice and specialize in a specific field. Thanks to ESCE’s DBA program, in just three years you’ll develop expertise not only in international management, but also in Data, AI, virtual reality and connected objects.

The DBA is planned entirely online. This gives you complete flexibility and the freedom to organize your work as you see fit. To assist you in your research and in writing your thesis, you can count on the support of your thesis director and a professor-researcher.

The focus on Data and robots makes ESCE’s DBA a profoundly innovative and pioneering curriculum. You’ll develop a unique expertise that is highly sought-after and valued on the job market.

What is the ESCE DBA program?

The doctorate involves writing and defending a thesis. It’s a fascinating but demanding intellectual exercise that calls on a wide range of research, synthesis and thinking skills.

You’ll need to choose a topic for your doctorate. Among the many possible themes, we can mention the following:

  • international management ;
  • fintech ;
  • artificial intelligence ;
  • green tech ;
  • smart city ;
  • big data ;
  • industries of tomorrow ;
  • robots ;
  • drones ;
  • autonomous cars.

Although you’ll be working independently during your DBA, courses and seminars are scheduled throughout the course. Some courses cover aspects specific to academic research methodology or writing and defending your thesis. Seminars enable you to deepen your knowledge in your field of research or broaden your horizons.

What is the diploma awarded by ESCE’s DBA?

This course leads to a Doctorate of Business Administration, or DBA.

What are the career prospects for ESCE’s DBA?

ESCE’s DBA will help you boost your career. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be able to work as a consultant, set up your own business or take up a management position with a major company in France or abroad.

As a doctor, you can also turn to teaching or pursue your research activities.


What are the admission Criteria for the ESCE DBA?

To apply for ESCE’s DBA program, you need to have obtained a Master’s degree or an equivalent to a 2nd year postgraduate level.

After completing the application form, you’ll meet with a DBA professor, then be asked to think about a thesis topic that you’ll present to the program’s academic director. If your topic is approved, you can join the DBA and have your first interview with your thesis supervisor before starting your research.

Is it possible to study abroad during the ESCE DBA?

ESCE does not plan to send students abroad for the duration of its Doctorate of Business Administration program.

Apply to ESCE’s DBA program


International application

Are you an international student interested in joining ESCE’s DBA program, or would you like more information about the program’s courses and career opportunities?


French application

French students can apply directly to ESCE’s DBA via the school’s website.

Program features

program type

This program prepares you for a DBA.

admission level

To apply, you need to have completed 5 years of higher education.

back to school

Back to school is a year-round event.


This course is given in English.


This course can be taken online.

Tuition fees*

The annual fee for this training course is available on request.

*International Student Pack: €490 mandatory fee for exclusive support services for international students.

Updated 25 January 2024