INSEEC Bachelor – Finance

Highschool, 1st year undergraduate, 2nd year undergraduate
September, February
Full-time, Work-study
Bordeaux, Chambéry, Lyon, Marseille, Paris
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Why choose INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance?

If you’d like to train for a career in management, finance and accounting, then INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance is for you. Offered over three years, it provides you with the essential knowledge you need to flourish in the varied sectors of finance. Thanks to this training, you’ll also develop a wide range of commercial and interpersonal skills that will be useful for your career.

With this highly professional Bachelor’s degree, you’ll develop operational expertise in professions related to corporate and market finance.

You can find this Bachelor’s degree on the INSEEC campus in Rennes, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry. Two start dates are available, the first in September/October and the second in February/March.

What is the Bachelor Finance program at INSEEC?

In the Bachelor of Finance program, the first two years are usually spent building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. Although some courses will introduce you to different aspects of finance, it’s really in the third year that you’ll be able to specialize.

You can take the following courses, among others:

  • Employment law
  • Ethics and CSR
  • Budget management
  • Financial reporting and communication
  • Fintech and digitalization
  • Wealth and taxation
  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Financial mathematics
  • Blockchain

What’s more, in addition to courses related to your career path and specialization, you benefit from access to numerous online resources such as courses and conferences. This gives you the opportunity to train in fields other than finance. For example, you can learn more about international relations and diplomacy, engineering, communications or design.

What is the diploma awarded by INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance program?

On completion of INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance program, you will be awarded a level 6 diploma as a “Manager in Financial Management and Management Control”. This RNCP-accredited qualification corresponds to a 3rd year undergraduate diploma and enables you to join a company directly after your studies.

What are the career opportunities offered by INSEEC’s Bachelor’s degree in Finance?

This Bachelor’s degree enables you to envisage a variety of careers in the financial sector. For example, you can become :

  • Financial analyst
  • Accounting analyst
  • Internal auditor
  • Financial controller
  • Management Control Manager
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Accountant

What are the admission requirements for INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance program?

You can join INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance program at different times:

  • For entry into the first year, you must have obtained your high school diploma.
  • To enter the second year, you must have completed one year of higher education.
  • To enter the third year, you need to have completed two years of higher education (BTS, BUT, licence 2, prépa).

For entry into the second or third year, please note that it is necessary to have studied finance, management and accounting.

Is it possible to travel abroad during your Bachelor’s degree at INSEEC?

The international dimension is an essential part of our students’ training. So, during your Bachelor’s degree at INSEEC, you’ll be able to multiply your experiences abroad, for example through internships or semesters on our London or San Francisco campus.

Apply to the program
Bachelor Finance at INSEEC ?


International Application

INSEEC’s Bachelor of Finance is open to international students. If you’d like to join us or find out more about the training we offer, you can apply here or download the brochure.


French application

French students can apply for the INSEEC Bachelor’s degree on the school’s website.

Program features

program type

This program prepares you for a Bachelor’s degree

admission level

The level required to apply is high school diploma, 1st year undergraduate diploma, 2nd year undergraduate diploma.

back to school

The new intake starts in autumn, in September and February.


This course is given in French.


This course can be taken at the Bordeau, Chambéry, Lyon, Marseille and Paris campus.

Tuition fees*

The annual tuiton fees for this course is

1st year: €8,650
2nd year: €8,650
3rd year: €9,350 full-time or €9,800 Work-study.

*International Student Pack: €490 mandatory fee for exclusive support services for international students.

Updated 22 January 2024