INSEEC Bachelor – Marketing, Communication & Events

Highschool, 1st year undergraduate, 2nd year undergraduate
September, February
Full-time, Work-study
Bordeaux, Chambéry, Lyon, Marseille,Paris
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Why choose INSEEC’s Bachelor in Marketing, Communication and Events?

INSEEC’s Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication and Events trains experts in digital transition, capable of defining and implementing effective marketing strategies. In addition to mastering the various aspects of marketing and communications, students will be trained in the specificities of event management. This is a particularly comprehensive training program that will enable you to understand the challenges of the digital world and meet the needs of national and international customers.

The strength of the Bachelor’s lies in its professionalism. It prepares you quickly and effectively for the challenges you’ll face throughout your career.

What is the program of INSEEC’s Bachelor in Marketing, Communication and Events?

INSEEC offers a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication and Events in 1, 2 or 3 years on its Bordeaux, Chambéry, Lyon, Paris and Rennes campuses. In the first and second years, students are trained in the fundamentals of communications and operational marketing. They cover advertising, multimedia, press relations, finance and law.

In the third year, they become more specialized and learn to develop marketing and communications strategies.

Examples of courses taken during the curriculum:

  • Employment law
  • Ethics and CSR
  • Corporate strategy
  • Event legislation
  • Event communication
  • Event project management
  • Communication plan
  • Press Relations
  • Marketing intelligence & Data
  • Introduction and advanced use of the Adobe suite

What is the diploma awarded by the Bachelor in Marketing, Communication and Events?

To obtain certification, you must Once their studies have been completed and validated, students on the Bachelor Marketing, Communication, Event Management program obtain a level 6 RNCP “Marketing Communication Project Manager” diploma, equivalent to a 3rd year undergraduate. They are then free to join the world of work or continue their studies.

What are the career prospects for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication and Events?

INSEEC’s Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication and Events prepares students for a wide range of careers in this sector, including :

  • Communication manager
  • Marketing project manager
  • Digital project manager
  • Communications Project Manager
  • Events project manager

What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication and Events?

You can join this Bachelor’s program directly after the high school diploma in the first year. You can also enter the second or third year if you have already completed a number of years of higher education (BTS, BUT, licence, prépa).

To apply directly for the second or third year, you need to have studied a field closely related to marketing and communications, or have developed management skills.

There are two start dates for this course, the first in September/October and the second in February/March. The Bachelor’s degree can be taken as an initial training course or on a Work-study.

Is it possible to travel abroad during the INSEEC Bachelor’s program?

The international dimension is an essential part of our students’ training. So, during your Bachelor’s degree at INSEEC, you’ll be able to multiply your experiences abroad, for example through internships or semesters on our London or San Francisco campus.

Apply to the program
Bachelor Marketing, Communication, Event Planning at INSEEC ?


International Application

INSEEC’s Bachelor in Marketing, Communication and Events is open to international students. If you’d like to join us or find out more about the training we offer, you can apply here or download the brochure.


French application

French students can apply for the INSEEC Bachelor’s degree on the school’s website.

Program features

program type

This program prepares you for a Bachelor’s degree

admission level

The level required to apply is high school diploma, 1st year undergraduate diploma, 2nd year undergraduate diploma.

back to school

The new intake starts in autumn, in September and February.


This course is given in French.


This course can be taken at the Bordeaux, Chambéry, Lyon, Marseille and Paris campus.

Tuition fees*

The annual tuition fees for this course is

1st year: €8,650
2nd year: €8,650
3rd year: €9,350 full-time or €9,800 Work-study.

*International Student Pack: €490 mandatory fee for exclusive support services for international students.

Updated 20 January 2024