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Why choose the International Political Science track of ESCE’s Master in Management program?

The International Political Science track is part of the first cycle of ESCE’s Master in Management program. It enables you to personalize and individualize your career path right from your first year of study, and to develop dual skills in international business and political science.

This unique program is designed for students who want to develop not only their managerial expertise, but also an understanding of global geopolitics. It is offered during the first three years of ESCE’s Master in Management Program and is available in French on the Paris and Lyon campus.

What is the International Political Science Track?

The first three years of the Master in Management program are designed to develop fundamental skills in management, marketing and finance. In addition, they acquire knowledge specific to international political science and the humanities.

During your undergraduate studies, you’ll take a number of different subjects. Some are related to management and international business:

  • strategy ;
  • financial analysis ;
  • accounting; macroeconomics and microeconomics ;
  • international trade ;
  • supply chain.

Others are in international political science:

  • major contemporary issues ;
  • history of globalization ;
  • geopolitics ;
  • comparative constitutional law and political institutions ;
  • labor economics.

Last but not least, various courses are planned to develop cross-disciplinary and general skills. You’ll have courses in methodology, public speaking or foreign languages. You can study up to three languages.

What is the degree awarded by the Master in Management program?

Since 2009, ESCE’s Master in Management program has offered the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree, a guarantee of a very high level of academic and professional skills. It is issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

The PGE diploma is a level 7 (EU) 2nd year postgraduate qualification, registered with the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) under number 36815.

What are the career opportunities for the Master in Management in International Political Science?

At the end of the first three years of the International Political Science track, you will have a solid knowledge base. However, specialization really takes place in the 4th and 5th years.

After completing the International Political Science curriculum, you can opt for one of the 12 specializations offered in the Master’s program:

  • export management ;
  • purchasing ;
  • supply chain/logistics ;
  • corporate finance ;
  • management control/finance ;
  • financial markets ;
  • entrepreneurship and innovation ;
  • management & consulting ;
  • business engineering ;
  • international digital marketing ;
  • international consumer marketing ;
  • communication, luxury & prestige marketing.

You can also do a double degree with HEIP, a school specializing in political science.

What are the admission requirements for the International Political Science program?

The International Political Science track is available directly after the high school diploma*.

To enroll in 2nd year, you must have your high school diploma and obtained 60 ECTS credits, or have completed a 1st year undergraduate level. Finally, to enter the 3rd year of the Master in Management program, you need to have completed 120 ECTS credits, i.e. a 2-year higher education diploma.

*All international students at a French High School are subject to the French application procedure. You must go through Parcoursup and Concours Sésame.

Is it possible to study abroad during the International Political Science Master in Management Program?

ESCE’s Master in Management program has a strong international focus. Throughout their studies, students have the opportunity to carry out exchanges in one of ESCE’s 190 partner universities and schools. In particular, you can study abroad during your 2nd or 4th year. What’s more, internships are planned throughout your course. These internships can also be carried out in foreign companies.

ESCE’s international department can help you with your international mobility needs. In particular, it will help you find accommodation and assist you with administrative formalities before your departure or once you’re here.

Apply to the International Political Science track of ESCE’s Master in Management Program


International application

Are you an international student interested in joining the International Political Science curriculum of ESCE’s Master in Management program, or would you like more information about the courses and career opportunities?


French application

French students can apply directly to ESCE’s Grande École Program via the school’s website.

Program features

program type

This program prepares you for a Master in Management program.

admission level

The level required to apply is high school diploma, 1st year undergraduate, 2nd year undergraduate.

back to school

The intake starts in autumn, in September.


This course is given in French.


This course can be taken at the Lyon or Paris campus.

Tuition fees*

The annual fee for this course is €11,400.

*International Student Pack: €490 mandatory fee for exclusive support services for international students.

Updated 20 January 2024