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Study in Africa with OMNES Education :

Africa offers plenty of internationally-oriented career opportunities, particularly in the energy and mining sectors. The country, which is still in a growth and development phase, benefits from welcoming students from all over the world, and training them to deal with problems in the field.

That’s why many schools, mainly specializing in engineering, offer recognized training programs in France and abroad, thanks to partnerships with local schools and universities.

Combining higher education with a stay abroad represents an additional challenge for students wishing to complete their studies, but it’s not insurmountable – quite the contrary.

Immersing students in a new culture as part of their studies offers them a unique, enriching and professionalizing human experience that they’ll be able to put to good use in subsequent job interviews.

Although culturally different from France, Africa represents the largest French-speaking community in the world, with no fewer than 31 countries using French as an official language. This makes it easier to integrate French and English-speaking students.

Because Africa is set to grow considerably in the coming years, it is now a preferred destination for young graduates and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves on the continent, where GAFAMs still have little presence.

OMNES Education, founded in Bordeaux in 1975, currently offers over 400 programs open to international students in the following fields from Bachelor, MSc to DBA level: Business & Management, Engineering, Marketing, Communication & Design, Sport, Finance, Political Science and International Relations, and HR-Health.

Updated 29 January 2024