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Study in Asia with OMNES Education :

Much more than postcard-worthy landscapes and a diverse, exotic culture for Westerners, Asia has a lot to offer foreign students wishing to carry out an exchange during their higher education studies.

Among the many advantages of a study stay in Asia is the creation of an international professional network, sharing a common experience oriented towards excellence and openness to the world.

Studying in Asia also means benefiting from an education system that is renowned and recognized for its excellence the world over, and enhancing your skills in the eyes of employers by developing highly coveted country expertise and language skills, as well as soft-skills such as communication, rigor, autonomy and teamwork in a multicultural context.

After London, Geneva, Monaco, San Francisco, Barcelona, Munich and Abidjan, the OMNES Education Group had set up in Shanghai for a short period, and could potentially one day expand there on a long-term basis.

Discover our exchange opportunities in Asia

OMNES Education offers exchange programs with schools in Asia, thanks to its extensive network in the following destinations: China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Updated 20 January 2024