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Would you like to study in a pleasant, sunny and friendly environment? Marseille awaits you!

From 2024, the OMNES Education group will be setting up in the heart of the city of Marseille, offering professional training courses from post-baccalaureate to bac +5 level. Find out more about our campus in Marseille and experience the Mediterranean way of life!

In summary

  • OMNES Education sets up in Marseille with its schools INSEEC Bachelor, INSEEC MSc (2024), ECE, HEIP, Sup de Pub, and ESCE (2025).
  • Marseille is a dynamic student city where life is good. Sunshine, good humor and cultural discoveries are all part of your studies.

our Marseille campus

OMNES Education’s Marseille campus, scheduled to open in 2026, will be located near Porte d’Aix. This multi-disciplinary campus will be home to private schools of management, engineering, communications, design and political science. It will offer a wide range of courses, including Bachelors, MSc and Grande École programs.

What’s special about Campus Marseille is that it will resemble a real village, with its key locations linked together by streets and passageways inspired by those found in Marseille. At the heart of the campus will be a plaza featuring a cafeteria and other meeting spaces. It will be a place of convergence, sharing and innovation, but also of relaxation for students. Finally, the campus will be exemplary in terms of its environmental and energy performance, adopting a responsible low-carbon strategy and relying on a geothermal network for its heating and cooling needs.

Pending the opening of this campus in 2026, a temporary campus has been set up at 21 rue Mirès, which will welcome students from INSEEC’s Bachelor and MSc programs from spring 2024, followed by the INSEEC BTS from September 2024. Although the campus is still in its infancy, it is already equipped with top-quality facilities to enable you to study in the best possible conditions.

Why choose Marseille for your higher education?

While many French cities are renowned for their student life, few have the advantages that Marseille has to offer. Facing the Mediterranean, it boasts a certain charm and, above all, is the sunniest city in France, with an average of 170 days of sunshine a year! When you study in Marseille, you’ll enjoy the locals’ good humor and exceptional quality of life. Now it’s time for a walk on the beach or a trip to the calanques!

Marseille also boasts a fascinating history. You’ll never be bored in this multi-faceted city, where art and culture are constantly reinventing themselves. As a student, you’ll enjoy visiting the city’s many museums or strolling through the lively neighborhoods of Belle de Mai, Cours Julien, La Plaine or near the Vieux Port.

Last but not least, Marseille is a promising employment hub, thanks in particular to the presence of major industrial groups and innovative start-ups.

OUR SCHOOLS in Marseille

Updated 22 March 2024