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Internationalization is crucial for the OMNES Education group, as it has been part of its DNA since the very beginning. OMNES Education firmly believes that the central axis of its teaching must be based on the training of tomorrow’s world citizen.

Indeed, one of the strengths of the OMNES Education group lies in its various campuses, not only in France but all over the world: London, Geneva, Monaco, San Francisco, Abidjan & Barcelona.

Graduate students will have the opportunity to use these campuses, depending on their programs. On these campuses, we carefully select the faculty who will deliver our curriculum and expertise. We make a point of establishing our campuses in the heart of each city.

Students can also travel to a partner university for their study abroad experience.. OMNES Education has forged over 500 solid partnership agreements with leading universities in more than 70 countries.

To achieve this, OMNES Education Group schools are involved in international networks and accreditations to take part in international trade fairs and events throughout the year. For some of our schools, this study abroad experience is compulsory to obtain the diploma.

As we are always looking to expand our portfolio of partnership agreements, if you are interested in learning more about such an opportunity, please feel free to send an email to

Head of International Affairs, OMNES Education

Students also have the opportunity to go abroad as part of our double degrees, or even triple degrees on certain occasions. This is a serious asset for their future professional life.

Students are also encouraged to carry out their internships abroad. This is made possible by OMNES Education‘s strong network of Career Centers and Alumni. But students don’t need to go abroad to feel the international DNA of OMNES Education.

The OMNES Education student body includes students from all over the world. Each year we welcome students from over 100 countries. Some international students come as exchange students, others as regular degree-seeking students.

The duration varies according to the program. Most of our student mobility semesters are possible thanks to the ERASMUS + program funded by the European Commission, for which we are grateful.

List of our ERASMUS + sites by school :

Our mission is also to have dynamic international campuses. To give our students the best possible education, it’s important to us that our teaching staff come from all over the world. Our research professors attend international conferences and publish in international journals.


In addition, our schools are committed to offering English courses on our campuses. This allows our students to continue working on their English even when they are not abroad and to mix with international students during classes and projects.

Finally, it is our duty to accompany and prepare our students’ mobility as well as possible. Thus, our schools offer English courses as well as other languages.

We all know that studying abroad is a long process. Indeed, students have many options and for students, it is a springboard for the rest of their lives. We thank them and their families for choosing us. This is precisely why our international team strives to provide them with the best possible service. Indeed, their journey must be synonymous with success.

Our Welcome Desk provides practical solutions and customized services. We strive to help our students choose the best program to achieve their goals. We can also help them with appropriate language courses. It is possible to enroll in our summer language program.

Throughout the pre-arrival period, we will provide them with effective advice and assistance in obtaining a visa, if necessary, finding affordable housing, informing them of what to do and when to do it through webinars and regular exchanges with them.

Students will also have the opportunity to experience the local culture on a daily basis as they will have many working groups with local students and other international students. The international student associations are also there to provide a dynamic student life.

Most of our programs include mandatory internship periods, and our career centers are dedicated to helping students. Dedicated events are organized throughout the year.

Each year, more than 10,000 companies trust our students by offering them an internship or a real job. To better understand the needs of the market, we also choose to hire industry professionals to teach our students.

Our international research students will benefit from state-of-the-art laboratories and incubators.

OMNES Education is also happy to welcome international teachers, either at dedicated events or for short periods of time for visiting weeks. If you are interested, please send a request to

Head of International Affairs, OMNES Education

We provide knowledge and support, of course, but we also have values that go beyond the academic. Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of OMNES Education’s approach to sustainable development.

Because international mobility should not be a problem, students can contact one of our disability advisors, present on all our campuses, to address specific needs.

We look forward to welcoming students to our campuses in France and other parts of the world!

Updated 21 January 2024