Studying in Barcelona

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If you’re planning on studying in Barcelona, Spain, there are a few things you need to know.

Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare your study project.

Studying in Barcelona

Why study in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a student city with a large number of universities, among the best in the world, according to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Barcelona is the destination of choice for those who want to study at a top-quality university .

The city is also home to numerous public, private and multinational companies. In fact, several of them are in partnership with the establishments. As a result, students can easily find internships or jobs during and after their studies.
Of course, the Catalan capital is also one of Europe’s most beautiful holiday resorts. With its beaches, numerous tourist sites and activities, the city has plenty to keep students busy.

What studies to do in Barcelona?

While the full list of courses in Barcelona includes several dozen mentions, here are the most popular:

  • architecture;
  • international relations;
  • human and animal medicine;
  • management;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • IT;
  • design;
  • arts.

In terms of curricula, most establishments follow the Bologna ECTS system. Courses in Barcelona can lead to bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate (PhD) degrees.


Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for foreign students. The reasons for this success are the Catalan capital’s well-established network of universities and its friendly atmosphere. In Barcelona, students can take high-quality university courses and, in their free time, enjoy cultural and leisure activities.


Where to stay in Barcelona while studying?

Students looking for accommodation in Barcelona have four options:

  • rent a room or an apartment for a rate ranging from 250 to 500 euros;
  • live in a student residence for 300 to 600 euros;
  • stay with a host family for the same rates as in a studio apartment;
  • integrate the “Vive y convive” program, which involves living with an elderly person, more or less free of charge. To be eligible for the program, you must be under 35 years of age and keep the elderly person company.

Foreign students

Do I need a visa to study in Barcelona?

Once their application has been accepted by the school, foreign students must apply for a student visa through Campus France.

This document is compulsory for all foreign students from countries other than the European Union or Switzerland.

This visa allows foreign students to stay in Spain, in Barcelona, over a long period of time, but also to work.

How do I enroll in a top school in Barcelona?

To enroll in a school in Barcelona, foreign students must contact the schools of their choice directly. This is now easy thanks to the presence of online universities. This is the case with OMNES Education, for which registration is online.

Admission criteria

Female student glancing back while going for a class in college. Girl walking with friends going for class in high school.

What are the specific criteria for studying in Barcelona?

Each university has its own admission requirements that students must meet to be eligible for courses. But to study in Barcelona, you also need to master the local language: Catalan.

In some schools, classes are taught mainly in Catalan and sometimes in Spanish or English.

Moreover, it is imperative to master these languages in order to communicate easily with the local population.

Our schools

Does Omnes Education offer programs in its schools in Barcelona?

The OMNES Education group comprises 13 schools in Europe, Africa and America. And one of our schools in Europe is based in Barcelona. This is the EU BUSINESS SCHOOL.

EU BUSINESS is a business school that offers high-level training mainly in the fields of management . It is open to European and international students, and offers courses ranging from Bachelor’s to MBA.

The school even offers a “foundation” course , which serves as a preparatory class for the Bachelor’s degree. This foundation offers much more flexible entry requirements than the other courses offered by the school.

how to apply

How do I apply to an Omnes Education Group school to study in Barcelona?

For European students residing in Europe, registration is carried out online on the website of the chosen school. All they need to do is find out about the steps to follow and the admission requirements.

Foreign students from outside the EU must register via the international admission procedure.

Updated 29 January 2024