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Studying in Switzerland

Geneva’s universities are open to foreign students, but studying in this city requires some preparation.

In this guide, Omnes Education presents all the information you need to know about studying in Geneva, Switzerland.

Studies in Geneva

Why study in Geneva?

As one of Switzerland’s largest cities, Geneva attracts thousands of foreign students every year. What is it about this city that attracts so many foreign students?

Geneva is very well served in terms of higher education establishments. The city boasts no fewer than ten universities , the majority of which are internationally renowned. These establishments offer prestigious university courses and enable students to obtain diplomas recognized the world over.

Geneva also stands out from other European student cities for its multilingualism. The official language used in the city is French. However, as part of the Swiss Confederation, German, Italian and Romansh are also widely spoken in Geneva.

What studies to do in Geneva?

Throughout Switzerland, higher education is divided into two types of institution.

First, there are the universities of applied sciences , which specialize in :

  • management ;
  • natural sciences;
  • engineering ;

Then there are the private schools, which provide training in much more practical areas. The courses offered by these establishments include hotel management.


As well as being a tourist destination, Switzerland is also a top choice for students. In the country’s major cities, particularly Geneva, students can take advantage of high-quality university courses . And all this while discovering a new culture and the Swiss way of life.


Where to stay in Geneva during your studies?

Geneva is a student city. As a result, the city has a wide range of facilities to accommodate students.

In Geneva, students have the option of staying in university residences or on the city’s campuses. The OMNES Education Group also has a campus in Geneva.

However, you should be aware that places are quite expensive in the city’s halls of residence and campuses. Rent is around 470 euros per month.

And when it comes to renting a studio or apartment in the city, prices are even higher. Generally, the rates are between 500 and 1400 euros.

Foreign students

Do I need a visa to study in Geneva?

Validation of the application by a Geneva university automatically grants student status. However, to enter Switzerland, you need a student visa.

The student visa serves not only as a ticket to enter the country, but also as a residence permit. Thanks to this, foreign students will be able to stay in the country during their studies, and even work legally.

How do I enroll in a top school in Geneva?

The procedure for enrolling in a Geneva school is relatively straightforward, even for foreign students.

First, you need to find out about the various admission criteria on the schools’ websites, then submit an application to the school of your choice. Applications can be submitted either by post or online via the school’s website.

However, admission to Geneva ‘s establishments has its own particularities. Some establishments may require a “maturité fédérale” diploma to determine eligibility for training.

Admission criteria

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What are the specific criteria for studying in Geneva?

First of all, in order to enter the training programs offered by universities in Geneva, you need to meet the admission requirements.

Secondly, you need to be fluent in the city’s official language, French. However, it’s a good idea to master the other languages used in Switzerland (Italian and German) if you want to be able to communicate easily with the local population.

The cost of living is very high in Switzerland. In Geneva , as in the country’s other major cities, almost everything is expensive. You must therefore have sufficient financial resources to live and study in the city.

Our schools

Does Omnes Education offer programs in its schools in Geneva?

CREA School part of the Omnes Education group, is present in Geneva. The school offers training in fields such as :

  • marketing;
  • digital;
  • artistic direction ;
  • communication;
  • web development.

    And at the end of these courses, students can obtain a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree¸an MBA and/or various federal diplomas.

how to apply

How to apply to an Omnes Education Group school to study in Geneva?

European students must apply directly to the school, following the procedure described by the school.

Foreign students living outside Europe must apply via the international admissions procedure.

Updated 29 January 2024